Break Free on Wings of Music composition in process…

Dec 18 , 2020 A title for the composition emerges “Breathe Free on Wings of Music”

Mar 8, 2021 Kendall Ross Bean and Karen Earle Lile finish the vocal and piano reduction for a 14 minute work, now titled “Break Free on Wings of Music”. A copy is sent to Oakland Symphony and registered with the US Copyright Office. A piano mp3 is created.

Mar 22, 2021. Lile sends music to Chris Tedesco in LA and asks for an introduction to an arranger. Tedesco introduces Lile to James Anthony McMillen.

Mar 25, 2021. Lile introduces Kendall Bean to James McMillen and they discuss plans for arrangement.

Mar 30, 2021. Karen Lile Productions Publishing commissions McMillen to create arrangement and score for “Break Free on Wings of Music” for the Oakland Symphony.

April 10, 2021. McMillen sends Lile and Bean a .mp3 mock up of the first draft of the arrangement. Bean is currently reviewing this and making notes.